Xage Security on Microsoft Azure

Xage Security for Microsoft Azure
Deployment Steps


Cloud adoption for IT, OT, and IoT operations is on the increase due to the convenience, scalability, reliability, and agility of the cloud infrastructure. Operators are able to deploy applications, connect networked assets, gather and analyze data often with just a few clicks of a button. While cloud providers are focused on securing the cloud infrastructure, it is the responsibility of the operators to secure interactions between edge and cloud assets including interactions between users, applications, and devices. Xage Security Fabric provides zero-trust access control and data security for both edge and cloud assets and their interactions with convenience, scale, and reliability offered by cloud services accelerating digital transformation and business growth.

Xage Security Fabric is a unified and universal identity and access management solution for secure interactions between users, devices, apps, and data. Xage provides remote access, role-based access control, single sign-on and data sharing across field, control center, data center, and cloud operations. Xage is the first and only blockchain-protected security solution providing tamperproof, non-intrusive protection and enabling efficient, autonomous operations and innovation across all industries.

Xage Security Fabric benefits:

  • Zero-trust control and visibility of individual interactions (within and outside of trust zones) across edge, control center, datacenter, and cloud deployments
  • Dynamic role-based policies for interactions. Not complex static firewall rules.
  • Remote and local access management for users, apps, machines, and data
  • Multi-factor authentication deployed as an overlay with no changes to assets
  • Universal IAM supporting legacy and new devices and apps with Single Sign-On and federation across multiple providers
  • Dynamic Data Security with data sharing across OT, IT, Cloud, and ecosystem environments with end-to-end granular data authenticity, integrity, privacy, and control

The Xage Fabric’s integration with Azure makes delivering secure access for your operations simpler than ever. During deployment, the Xage Fabric and management tools are installed in your Azure environment, while additional Xage software provides security enforcement at the operational edge. Once Xage is deployed, any authorized and authenticated user, app, or machine is able to access assets in the IT/OT environment securely and easily.

Designed for industrial enterprises and operations such as utilities, oil & gas, manufacturing, and smart cities, the Xage Security Fabric unlocks digital transformation by enabling secure remote and local access, and dynamic data sharing at scale, across multiple locations, and with multiple parties.

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